Sunday, February 1, 2015

January 350 Blocks Project

I only completed 16 out of 20 blocks this month.  I also made a purse this month.

4 flying geese and 4 corner blocks 


8 flying geese

2 blocks from one of Jenny's Tutorials

 The Binding Tool Star Quilt: Easy Quilting Tutorial with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co

 I made this bag with a Christmas present from my mom and husband, the Designer Handbags 1 and 2 by Nancy and Eileen

Next month will be better on my blocks.  

Happy Sewing!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2015


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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Good Bye 2014 --- Hello 2015

2014 was a great year! 

 I got a new car.
 In April, my husband and I went to Paducah to the Quilt Show and I finally got my dream machine, the Baby Lock Elisimo II with a Kola Cabinet.

I became a grandma. (Nana) They live in South Korea, they came to the states to visit.

We also had a five generation picture taken when Auttumn and Riley was here.
 I got a big promotion at work!!

I also did a lot of quilting which I have posted on 350-blocks-project-2014 page of my my blog.

I have promise to show the two quilts that I completed for Christmas presents.  Here they are, the OU one is a log cabin pattern that I designed in EQ7.  Both quilts was designed in EQ7.

There was so much that happened in 2014 that I can't put into one post.  Like I said before 2014 was a great year.  Hoping 2015 will even be better.  I have a lot of plans that I am working on for my quilting too, so stay turn for more details regarding those plans.

For now I am going to get my sewing room organized today so I can start on those plans.

Happy Quilting!!!

Monday, December 1, 2014

350 Block Report - October and November

This is going to be a short post tonight..  October and November I didn't do any blocks. Not saying I didn't quilt,  cause I did.
October my daughter and granddaughter came and visited.

They are back in South Korea now.  I miss them so much.  But it was great to see them.

I'll show some of my quilting that I have done, I put it in black in white cause I can't show it until after Christmas. 

Here is a picture of the back of the other quilt that I completed in November.

Didn't realize how many white strings that I still had on the back of the quilt.  It went into the wash and the strings are all gone now.

After Christmas I will show the front of all the quilts that I completed.

Happy Quilting!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Can't believe that it's October already..

Can't believe that it's October already.. and it's only 85 days till Christmas.  I made a lot of progress this month for our home made Christmas.

I finished the 49 log cabin blocks 20 last month and 29 this month... Now I need to put it all together.
I also did 90 Half-Square Triangle blocks for two other quilts that I am working on for Christmas.  I had to mix them all up so that if anyone in the family sees this blog post they wont have any idea of what I am doing... lol

So for the month of September I did 119 blocks. 
I bet you all can't wait till December so see my quilts that I am making.  

Next week I get to see my granddaughter for the first time.  She is here in the States..  She is getting so big.

This is a short post tonight.

Keep Quilting!!!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

August Update

Happy Labor Day!!!!

August went by way to fast, I think this entire year has gone by way to fast.
My mom and I went on a weekend trip to "Missouri Star Quilt Company".  We had a great time.

Of course I spent way to much money, but we had fun.  The month of August is my birthday and my mom's.  Her's is on the 19th and mine on the 5th.  So we try to do something together in August every year.  She has never been to Hamilton before or have I so we thought this would be a great weekend trip.

One thing that I got was the "Mini Wonky Web Template" and triangle paper. Always wanted to try this block.  Watched Jenny's YouTube video on this. I just love how she teaches.

 Here is the first block from the "Mini Wonky Web"  There are 4 blocks for 1 block.  I did 2 completed blocks which are 12 mini blocks put together.

 I missed up on this one. So I have to make another one.  lol

While we was in Hamilton, we drove over to Cameron to pick up my "Row by Row Experience".  For this row there was 16 half square triangles.

 Working on quilting this now. So I can take it to the quilt shop before the end of September.

I also have been working on Skill Builder BOM 2014 with Pile O Fabic.


I am working on Christmas quilts now also, I can't really show to many pictures of them right now, but trust me they are going to be really cool when they are done.
One is a log cabin design that I did in EQ7.  There are 49 12" blocks in this quilt and with the boarders the quilt will be 102x102.  So far I have only done 20 blocks for this quilt.  So I need to get a moving so I can get it done before Christmas, cause I have 3 other quilts that I am also working on and a weekender tote.  This year is a old fashion Christmas for use, everyone is making items.

I have also been knitting some fingerless gloves.  I have one done working on the second one.

 So for the month of August I actually did 55 blocks. I couldn't believe it until I counted them all. So I bet my goal for this month.  The goal was 30.  whoo I am still on track.  I have completed 303 blocks for the year...

Keep Quilting!!!!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

July went by too fast!!!!

I can't believe that June and July is already gone, where did the time go.... oh I know in June I became a grandma, yes my granddaughter was born on June 26th in South Korea...

Riley Brooke Hinton Born: 6/26/14, 6 lbs 13 oz @ 12:34 pm in Yongsan, South Korea!

Speak no Evil
See no Evil
Hear no Evil

 OK, enough bragging about my granddaughter... on to quilting..
I didn't make very many block in the month of June. It was only 16 blocks but I did make some items for my granddaughter, a bib, burp rags and a little quilt out of a panel.

In July I did more than June...
I actually traveled to a couple of quilt shops and started the Row by Row Experience.
 If you have seen this you should check out the website. There are 1250 stores across the county in this shop hop. I have only been to 7 shops so far, will hit my 8th one this weekend.  

Here are 4 of the rows - Top to Bottom:
Quilts & Quilts The Fabric Shoppe in Branson, MO

Country Corner Quilt Shop in Harrison, AR

Merrily We Quilt Along in Springfield, MO - this one had 4 blocks

The Quilted Cow in Cape Fair, MO

Sew-N-Sew Quilt Shop  in Pea Ridge, AR

Sager Creek Quilts in Silaom Springs, AR 
This one isn't complete yet, but I did 12 blocks which 2 haven't been added yet.

Quilt Sampler in Springfield, MO
I haven't done this one yet.  Will show a picture when it's done.

Don't forget to get your license plate at your quilt shop.  They are really cool. 

 So my total for July is 32 Blocks.

Keep Quilting!!!

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